Roaming Communities

In some cases, you might want your users to be able to connect with the same WiFi passphrase in all your locations.

Some WiFi vendors allows to setup the PPSK configuration in such way that the PSKs works on multiple sites. For example, Juniper Mist has an option that allows to select if PSKs have a Site or Org level scope. In Cambium cnMAestro you can create one WLAN profile and assign it to multiple locations (AP groups).

Refer to the section related to the configuration of the WiFi vendor to get more details on how to configure the network to support this use case.

In the Setup, General page, find the option Roaming Communities.

When enabled, Cusna dynamically assigns a unique VLAN to each account in the organization. this means that there cannot be two account with the same VLAN in the same organization. When the user connect with its PSK to the WiFi of any location, the same VLAN will be used to tag his traffic.

When Roaming community option is disabled, the automatic VLAN assignment works on per location scope. When a new account is created, either manually or automatically via the integrations, Cusna assign a VLAN that is not used already in the Location where the account is initialized.

One enabled, the Roaming Communities option cannot be disabled. Switching on and off this option could cause duplicate assignment of VLAN to accounts.

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