Huawei - iMaster NCE-Campus

iMaster NCE setup

First step, you need to create a Site and add your Device (follow this guide). In general, you would have a Site for each property.

Enable PPSK on the site.

  1. Choose Provision > Device Configuration > Site Configuration from the main menu.

  2. In the displayed window, select a site from the Site drop-down list in the upper left corner.

  3. Configure authentication points based on the device type AP

    1. Choose AP > SSID from the navigation pane, click Create, and configure basic information about an SSID.

    2. On the Basic Settings step, enter an name for the SSID. Switch on the Global DHCP address pool option.

    3. On the Security Authentication tab, set Authentication mode to Semi-open network, select PSK/PPSK/SAE/SAE-PSK, and set Key type to PPSK. Then, set Encryption mode, Encryption algorithm and Escape policy. Leave the option Automatic MAC address binding disabled.

Cusna implements an automatic VLAN management to segregate each resident traffic. Cusna uses the slot of VLANs 2000-4000 so you should avoid using these VLANs for any other purposes.

Cusna setup

Get the account hostname

To connect Cusna to your Huawei Cloud Campus account you need to get the hostname of your Cloud Campus account. You can easily identify the hostname form the URL base of your browser once you are logged in in your Cloud Campus account.

Create User with API access

You need to create a User with API access. To do so, go to System, User Management.

Click Create New User, the Create User wizard appears.

On the first step, Set Information, select Third Party as Type.

In the Select Roles step, make sure the add the role Open API Operator and Tenant Administrator

Connect Cusna to Huawei Cloud Campus

Go to Settings in your Cusna account and select Huawei (Cloud Campus).

Enter the requested value;

Click Setup.

You can change the Client ID and Client Secret in future, but you can't change the account hostname

Operating Cusna

Creating Locations

When you create or edit a Location in the Cusna dashboard, in the WiFi configuration section, you have to pick the Site and the SSID that you have enabled on the Access Point of the related to property.

Creating Accounts

When you create a new Account, a new PSK user will be created in your Cloud Campus account with a predefined WiFi Passphrase. The Resident receives an activation email with the default passphrase and QR code, and a link to the Resident Portal where he can change the passphrase.

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