At this time, Unit are supported only on Meraki, Extreme and Ruckus networks.

A Unit represents a living space of a Location - such as an apartment or a room in a multi-dwell environment - associated to a Tenant. You can associate to the Unit one Access Point.

When creating an Account, you can then assign the Account to a specific Unit, and the Access Point Ethernet port will be configured to be in the same Personal Area Network as the clients connecting using the PSK associated to the resident.

How to configure and use Units

If supported in your account, you can enable Unit management in your General options page.

By enabling Unit management, you'll find a new sub-menu in the Location menu group.

In the main Units page you see the list of all Units, which can be filtered by Location. By click the button Add, you can create a new Unit specifying:

  • the Location

  • a reference Name

  • an optional Floor number, just for inventory purposes

  • an Access Point

By deleting a Unit, all the ETH ports of the Access Point associated to the Unit will be disabled.

Managing Account

If Units management is enabled, when crating an Account of type "Tenant" you have the option to associate the Resident to one of the Units of the Location the Resident belongs to.

You can also associate a Unit to existing Account that do not have a Unit assigned yet.

When the service of an Account is terminated or the Account is deleted, all the ETH Ports of the Access Point associated to the Unit the Account was associated with will be disabled.

Changing the Passphrase associated to the Account does not affect the reachability of the devices connected via the ETH ports of the AP.

Under the hood

Learn the details of how ti works for the different WiFi vendors


Currently, only MR36H access points are supported.

Whenever you link a Location to a Meraki Network, Cusna automatically initializes a default Port Profile with all ports disabled used as a

Whenever you create a Unit, Cusna creates a related Port Profile in the Network corresponding to the Location the unit belongs to. By default, this Port Profile has no WPN ID assigned to the ports.

As soon as a Unit is associated to an Account, the Port Profile associated to the Unit is updated assigning to ports the same WPN ID as the one associated to the Account.

Extreme Networks

Currently, only AP302W access points are supported.

Whenever you initialize an Account and associate it to a Unit, Cusna automatically assign the ETH ports of the AP to the Private Client Group associated to the Account

Ruckus SmartZone (beta)

Whenever you initialize an Account and associate it to a Unit, Cusna automatically configure the ETH ports of the AP with the same VLAN associated to the Account. If the Account is a Group Member of a Group with a VLAN, the VLAN of the Unit takes priority.

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