Custom HTTP Request

You can easily integrate any external user directory by using the Custom HTTP identity verification method.

In the External Identity Provider section of the Setup page, create a new Integration and select Custom HTTP Request.

In the configuration panel, enter your endpoint URL where the request will be made.

Cusna will make an HTTP GET request to the configured endpoint with the following parameters:

  • email: email address the user inserted in the portal

  • locationid: external id cofnigured in the location associated to the WiFi Portal



The GET Request also includes by default a custom header parameter tha tyou can use for firther validating the incoming requests and identifying the source Cusna account

  • x-cusna-organization: <id of your Cusna organization>

Cusna expects to receive as a response a JSON with the following content

  "valid": true,
  "id": "1232423532523",
  • valid: boolean, indicate if the account is valid or not (mandatory)

  • id: external id of the record (optional)

  • firstName: first name of the user (optional)

  • lastName: last name of the user (optional)

  • groupId: ID of the group the user belongs to, if any (optional)

  • groupName: name of the group the user belongs to, if any (optional)

  • terminationDate: date the account service will be automatically suspended 9optional)

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