Network Policies

For some WiFi vendors, you need to setup Network Policies before creating Tenants. The section Network Policies in the Integration page appears automatically based on the WiFi vendor you set up.


While creating an iPSKs, Meraki require to set a Group Policy. By creating Network Policies, Cusna automatically creates and keeps in sync the Group Policies in the Meraki account for all the network involved (one network per each Location)

Click Add a new Policy.

The New Network Policy dialog appears. Fill the form

  • name: reference name for the policy (e.g. "Default")

  • bandwidth downlink: max downlink spee in Kbps

  • bandwidth uplink: max downlink spee in Kbps

  • VLAN

Click Save.

The Network Policies create appears in the list.

Using Network Policies

Once you have created network policies, you can use them in differnet ways.

First of all, whenever you create a location, you'll be required to assign a "default" network policy. This is the policy that will be assigned by default to Accounts associated to that location whenver the network policy is not specified on the Account during initialization.

When creating a new account manually, you can opt to use the location default network policy, or you can manually pick one of those you have already initialized in setup.

You can also assign a Network Policy to a group. This will be assigned to all Accounts of type "group member" assigned to this group.

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