Managing Accounts

The Accounts page is available for MSP Managers, Organization Managers and Location Managers.

The Residents section allows to:

Create new accounts

Click Add New Account butto on top of the screen.

Pick a Location form the Location dropdown.

Note: the Location cannot be changed later

Select the Type of account:

  • Tenants: designed for long-term accounts, for example the tenants of an MDU or the teams/companies in a multi-tenant office building

  • Visitors: designed for temporary account, such individuals booking a room in a flex space for the day. By default, Visitors WiFi access is valid only until the end of the same day of the account provisioning.

  • IoT devices: designed to generate a PPSK to be used by a group of permanent devices that needs to communicate with each others, for example printers or security camera

  • Spaces: designed to deliver PPSK aimed to br used in specific spaces, such as meeting rooms, where multiple devices and users must be able to collaborate on the same PAN

  • Group Members: individuals who are part of a Group (for example a Team). Group members inherit certain configurations form the Group they belong to. For example, if VLAN assignment is enabled all Group members by default share the same VLAN. For certain vendors where VLAN management is not supported (e.g. Extreme) all Group Members share the same PSK.

If you are creating an account for a Space or IoT group, you'll be prompted to the option to auto generate a passphrase or enter it manually.

Spaces and IoT group account are not associated with a Tenant Portal account so admin might want to manually pick a specific keyword.

Before being able to create the location you need to click the button Check next to the entered passphrase to verify that the passphrase is not already in use in the same Location.

Assign a VLAN. If you selected the option to manually assign VLANs in the General settings, you'll see a dropdown where you can pick a VLAN that has not been assigned to other accounts yet.

Enter the Account Details. The list depends on the Type of account your are creating and might include:

  • Unit (optional)

  • Building (optional)

  • First name (or Reference name in case of Spaces and IoT devices)

  • Last name

  • Email address (note: email address must me unique in the account. If a matching email is found, the service will prompt an error)

  • Phone number

  • Internal account number (for internal reference)

In the Service section, you can decide when activate and terminate the service.

Select Service active now to immediately activate the service for the resident and send the activation email. If you want to activate the service on a future date, select Schedule activation in the future and enter the activation date.

In the Service deactivation mode select Terminate manually, to manually terminate the service for the account in the future. Otherwise, pick Schedule stop date and enter a date when the service will be terminated automatically.

Edit Account details

Click on the name of account in the main Accounts list to open the Account edit screen.

You cannot change the Locaiton assigned to the account.

Edit any of the fields in the Account Details section and click Update button to save the edits.

If you edit the email address, a new activation email will sent to the account. You can change the email only with another email that is not already assigned to other residents

Terminate Account WiFi service

You can manually terminate the WiFi service of an active Account at any time.

Find the Account in the main table (using the search box). Click on the button Stop Service. In the following pop-up confirm you want to terminate the service by clicking Yes.

Delete Accounts

To delete one Account, click on the option menu on the table raw of the related account and select Delete. You can also find the same options in the Account details screen.

To delete one or more Accounts, find them in the main table, click the checkbox next to the reference name of the account. A new button Delete will appear above the table.

Click Delete to permanently delete the account and terminate his service.

Edit service termination

You can change at any time the way you will terminate the resident WiFi service.

Find the resident on the main table and click on this name. On the Accounts edit page go to the Service section and click Edit.

Import Accounts form CSV

You can import your existing residents in bulk from a CSV file.

Duplicate accounts (with the same email address) will be discarded.

The CSV file must contain the following columns:

  • firstName: First Name (optional)

  • lastName: Last Name (optional)

  • email : Email Address (mandatory)

  • stopDate: Account termination date (optional) - if empty, the account will be set to be terminated manually. Format: DD/MM/YYYY

  • passphrase: WiFi Passphrase (optional) - if empty, the passphrase will be generated automatically

  • VLAN: VLAN (optional) - if empty, the default VLAN mode configured in the general options applies

  • emailValidated: indicate that the email is Valid. This filed MUSt be set to True.

Download the CSV Template to prepare your data for import.

Managing resident devices

For certain WiFi vendors (e.g. Meraki) Cusna is able to track all the devices used by each resident and list them in the resident profile page as well as in the Resident Portal.

Depending on the WiFi vendor capabilities, you can also Block and Allow each individual device.

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