Account management

You can List, Create, Edit and Delete residents using these endpoints.


A sample Resident object is below

    "building": "T2",
    "email": "",
    "externalID": "1234456",
    "firstName": "Happy",
    "lastName": "Resident",
    "passphrase": "mypersonalpassphrase3",
    "phone": "4156234444",
    "stopDate": "2023-06-09T02:12:11.858Z",
    "tenantServiceStatus": "Active",
    "terminationMode": "Schedule stop date",
    "unit": "1112"

Managing Residents

List all Residents

Create and activate new Residents. The activation email is sent automatically on the service activation date.

Edit a resident

Delete a resident and de-activate automatically its service

Send activation email

Send again the activation email to a resident

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