Microsoft - Active Directory

Microsoft integration allows to connect Cusna with your Microsoft account.

Microsoft users in your enterprise account can directly enter their email in the WiFi Portal without any previous manual provisioning.

If their email matches with a member in your Microsoft account, the user will receiver a magic link via email to access directly to the Portal and retrieve the personal WiFi PPSK.

Microsoft account setup

  1. Log in to Microsoft Azure click Enterprise applications > New application.

  2. From Active Directory (now Microsoft Entra ID) in the Azure Portal, and select App Registration. Click on the app you just created

  3. From the Overview page, copy the Application (Client) ID and the Tenant ID

  4. Click API Permissions and select + Add Permission

  5. Select Microsoft Graph and click on Application Permissions

  6. Select the permissions

    1. Group.Read.All

    2. User.Read.All

  7. Click Grant admin consent for .... <yourComapnyName>

  8. Click on Certificates and Secrets, click on + New Client Secret. Enter a name and click Add.

  9. Copy the value "Value" of the secret (not the Secret ID). This value will be shown only once.

Cusna Setup

Go to Integrations and click New in the Integration card. Select Microsoft.

Enter the Client ID, Secret and Tenant ID of your Microsoft App. Pick the default VLAN that will be assigned to all authorized members.

Click Setup.

You can click Edit to change the parameters of the integration at any time.

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