Fortinet (FortiWiFi)

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Fortinet setup

  1. Go to WiFi and Switch Controller > SSIDs and edit your SSID entry.

  2. In Security Mode, select WPA2 Personal.

  3. In Pre-shared Key, select Multiple as the PSK mode

Cusna setup

Log in your Fortinet system with admin access. Click System > Administrator. Click the button + Create New and select REST API Admin.

In the New Rest API Admin page, enter a Username.

Then select or create a new Administrator Profile with the Read/Write permissions for WiFi & Switch Access Control category.

Disable PKI Group.

Enable CORS Allow Origin and enter

Click OK and copy the API Key shown in the right panel. The API Key will be shown only once, so make sure to copy it on a note.

Open your Cusna dashboard and go to Setting, expand the WiFi setup card, select Fortinet and in the setup panel enter your:

  • hostname (eg. or

  • port (e.g. 45)

  • API Key

Click Setup.

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