WiFi Portal Onboarding

Tenants can self-enroll in the service on the WiFi Portal.

Each Location has a WiFi Portal with a dedicated URL, that you can copy either in the Location summary table or in the detail page of each Location.

The URL can be distributed to Tenants by different channels:

  • email

  • exisitng tenant portsl

  • dedicated SSID with captive portal

When Tenants are initialized manually via the Cusna dashboard, they receive a notification email that confirm they have been activated and it includes the link to the WiFI Portal related to the Location associated to their account.

User experience

Tenants might receive an Activation Email with the link to the WiFi Portal, similar to the followign one.

When the visit the WiFi Portal page, they are invited to enter their email address. If the email address exists and it is associated to an valid and active account, they will receive an email containing the magic link to access the WiFi portal.

By clciking the Login button, the user lands directly in the WiFi Portal already authenticated.

On the first access to the portal, users are invited to accept the T&C and, if their account doesn't have a First and Last name, they are invited to provide them (this simplify user ivnentory management in Cusna).

Once accepted the T&C, the user lands on teh WiFi Portal home page. The home page contains different panels that might be visible or not dependin gon the options configured in the Cusna dashboard. In particular:

  • Personal WiFi passphrase: this section is always visible and provides the user th ename of the PSK network and the personal PSK. The user can

    • change the passphrase (if enabled as option in the General settings),

    • view a QR code that can be scanned to connect directly to the network

    • and copy the passphrase to the device clipboard

  • Secure WiFi: this section, if enabled, contains the name of the 802.1X network and the unique credentials to connect to it. The link "How do I connect to <SSID Name> opens a screen with instructions for each type of supported device.

  • OpenRoaming: if Passpoint is enabled and the portal is opened on an Android or Apple device, this panel offer the option to directly download a Paspoint profile that works on the same secure WiFi network

  • Guest WiFi: if enabled in teh general options, the user can enable a dedicated passphrase that can be provided to guests

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