Zyxel Nebula (Pro)

To enable Zyxel Nebula on your account contact support.

Nebula setup

Login to your Nebula portal

First step, you need to create a Site and add your Device. In general, you would have a Site for each property.

Then, create an SSID (WiFi network) with DPPSK as an authentication method and fill in a very long complex backup key. Go to Access point –> Configure –> SSID Overview and set WLAN security = DPPSK

Cusna setup

To connect Cusna to your Zyxel Nebula account you need to get the Nebula API Key.

Go to Site-Wide, General Setting and scroll down to the end of the page until you find the API Access section.

Click Generate and then copy the API token.

Login in your Cusna account ad go to Settings. Select Zyxel and enter the API token in the input field.

Click Setup.

Operating Cusna

Creating Locations

When you create or edit a Location in the Cusna dashboard, in the WiFi configuration section, you have to pick the Site and the SSID that you have enabled on the Access Point of the related to property.

Creating Accounts

When you create a new Account, a new PPSK user will be created in your Nebula account with the personal WiFi Passphrase.

The default, initial WiFi Passphrase is the resident phone number!

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