Engenius Cloud

You need an AP Pro license to use Cunsa with Engenius Cloud

To enable Engenius Cloud on your account contact support.

Engenius setup

Login to your Engenius Cloud.

You need to create an SSID properly configured to support multiple PSK.

Go to Configure and select SSID and set a Name (eg. Residents WiFi).

On Security Type, select WPA2-PSK and then check the box WPA2-MyPSK. Enter a long complex default passphrase (it wont be used).

Select Cloud MyPSK Users in the select menu.

Once you have the SSID properly configured, you can deploy it on your access points.

Cusna implements an automatic VLAN management to segregate each resident traffic. Cusna uses the slot of VLANs 2000-4000 so you should avoid using these VLANs for any other purposes.

Cusna setup

To connect Cusna to your Enginus Cloud account you need to get the Enginus API Key.

Click on your avatar icon and select API Key. Enter a name (e.g. Cusna) and click "Generate new API key.

Copy your API Key.

Login in your Cusna account ad go to Settings. Select Enginus and enter the API Key in the input field. Click Setup.

Operating Cusna

Creating Locations

When you create or edit a Location in the Cusna dashboard, in the WiFi configuration section, you have to pick the Network and the SSID that you have enabled on the Access Point of the related to property.

Creating Accounts

When you create a new Account, a new PPSK user will be created in your Engenius account with the personal WiFi Passphrase.

The default, initial WiFi Passphrase is the resident phone number!

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